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I was recently made redundant as an Office Manager for a landscaping architecture firm due to lockdown and subsequent company restructure.           

Over the ensuing months, I was taking on temp assignments, biding my time until something came across my way that I could really sink my teeth into and relish. I was fortunate enough to be in a position to pick and choose what days I wanted to work and having the luxury of working from home. The commute to “work” took a measly 30 seconds from my bedroom into the retreat which now became the office. Apart from the lack of social interaction with work colleagues, for the most part, working from home in my pj’s, hair in a disarray, the washing machine going and the thermostat set to a balmy 27 degrees even with the additional oodie on, was quite enjoyable. Though the more time I spent at home, the more I looked like a homeless person. The irony right!?          

After many months of being a “lady of leisure”; well at least that’s what I referred to it as being; it sounded so much better than being “unemployed”, one of the recruitment agencies that I was registered with, put me forward for an interview with an auto parts company. I went to the interview armed with the information of assisting the company in starting their new towing division. How exciting !! .. I get to give birth to an embryo (metaphorically speaking) without the burden of actually going into labour. I mean the thought of actually going into labour and not being in a position to having taken care of my nether region, which needless to say needed mowing after being in isolation for so long, left me quite adulated. Women’s thoughts; pathetic I know.       

I’ve got extensive background in start-up companies and a good set of transferrable skills to do the job. But, what in the flipping pancakes did I know about towing? Or managing a towing company.  All I know, as a consumer, in a position of requiring a tow, I need someone who’s going to calm my level 10 Richter scale behaviour (because I know breaking down is going to give me stress acne and an ulcer the size of a C-rated blown out truck tyre). I just want someone to come and get my car and tow it to wherever it needs to go. Please, for the love of sweet baby jesus, send me someone with good hygiene and be nice to me. Also, just because I’m female, don’t rip me off because I don’t know my north bound, south side, east west latitudes and distance in kms. I measure my road trips in songs; it takes me 7 songs to get there, so tell me how much is that going to cost in dollars !      

Come to think of it, there go the thoughts wayward, I may actually be the first “chick” in Victoria blogging for what I call a manly industry. I’m just going to pretend that’s the case and hold that accolade proudly.    

With that said, welcome to the world of towing tidbits through the eyes of a female.  I still yell at Siri cluelessly for telling me to head south out of a (9 parking exits) shopping centre, my car play list still determines my ETA, but I am a consumer; there is no gender prejudice when it comes to drivers or vehicles breaking down.  Top Dealer Towing is targeted to an audience expecting more than just a towing service.  During a stressful time, I know and understand that quality service, competitive prices, empathy and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance. Our business to date has been built on customer referrals alone and something we pride ourselves on.           

Quote :
“Money may not buy happiness, but I’d rather be crying in a Lamborghini than on a bus”

Stay safe             

CK xx    

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