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We pride ourselves on being Melbourne’s most reputable, reliable and affordable towing service for all your vehicle, equipment and machinery needs.

Our mission is to alleviate the stress caused by a broken down or unwanted vehicle. We use state of the art communication equipment and provide competitive rates. Happy customer is our prime objective. We are humbled by repetitive business, client satisfaction and customer referrals.


Stationary in peak hour traffic? An engine failure on a quiet road at 3am? Off to work and the car refuses to budge from the driveway? Or oopsies, should have filled up when the petrol gauge lit up 50kms ago.  Ohh we can hear the proverbials !

No need to stress, Top Dealer Towing to your rescue . Reliable | Reputable | Affordable.

Our expert towing crew will get you moving again.


So you’re lucky, its not a breakdown. Have you purchased a new car, warehousing equipment, manufacturing machinery, a caravan or motorcycle that you want collected and delivered? Congratulations  on your purchase ! We know you want to be admiring and using your new toy the minute its ready for collection. Why not pre-book a tow with us and we’ll make sure its picked up hot off the lot, with meticulous care and have it delivered to you as fast as the traffic will allow.


With over 20 years in the automotive industry and owning a wrecking yard, we pride ourselves on a proficient, reliable, hassle free service in disposing of your old, unwanted, unused, scrapped, rusted or damaged vehicle. Our team experts specialise in disposing of scrap cars and the removal of unwanted vehicles from any premises using state of the art .

For more information regarding the number plate visit Vic Roads


Look no further. Whilst your wheels are in down time, allow us to introduce you to your new temporary ones. With over 30 (current model) lease vehicles on hand, our friendly professionals will ensure you are equipped with the best suited vehicle to your needs. We’ve got vehicles to cater for every budget and requirement.

Rest assured, we follow strict Covid guidelines and thoroughly, clean, disinfect, sanitise and detail each car before it’s in your possession.

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About Us

TOP DEALER TOWING is a Melbourne based owned and operated towing and vehicle transportation company that provides all types of transportation of motor vehicles including motorbikes, caravans, trailers, earthmoving machinery and warehousing equipment, both local and regional.
Whether you have purchased a vehicle or equipment and unable to collect it, broken down and in need of a tow to an assessor, repairer, mechanic or home; we got you. 
Insurance companies, assessors and auctioneers alike, wherever you need a vehicle relocated to or disposed of; we have the services to accommodate your needs.
Our future growth is provisioning to service you better and this will include expansion to interstate transportation.

The Little Extras

Should you be requiring a lease vehicle whilst yours is in repairs, or have a wrecked vehicle that needs removal, we have affiliations with reputable companies that will look after you – just mention our name

Need your vehicle removed?

Need to lease a vehicle?

our proficiency and professionalism speaks for itself



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