Check The Engine

Words never to say to a woman. With the utmost respect to every female species, there is a very limited few who actually can navigate around an engine. Most of us (both men and women) struggle to simply work out how to change the clock when daylight saving starts. Am I right ?!

Take my two sisters for example. They could not be more polar opposites.

One drives a V8 SS ute.

Just recently, during helping, or should I say taking the lead in rebuilding a friend’s car, she negotiated with a wrecker if she was able to strip the fuel tank from a vehicle and take the complete purge tank (lines intact and all), without any assistance, she could have the part for free. Men make me laugh. She looks like a girly-girl, but that chick was born with some weird a$$ genes giving her superpowers to do not so girly things. I suspect the guy she made the offer to was hedging his bets she would be clueless in removing or not damaging that essential purge tank.  After arguing about which fuel tank she needed to get the part from (apparently there are slight variants, she made the deal).

Long story short, she walked away with a complete purge tank, in tact, for a Ford BF XT mk2 at zero cost !! You can call her to see if she’s free for a catch up as you pass through the area, and she will quite casually mention that she’s halfway through changing over her radiator and having a slight issue with removing the shroud for the fans, but it’s a great time to stop for a coffee. I refer to her as bruvva.

The other sister, well .. deep sigh … if you told her to check the engine, I can guarantee you, she’d have no clue how to open the bonnet. If she was resourceful enough to able to contact RACV or some other help-line and they had the patience to advise her of where the internal lever to release the hood was, and to stay on the phone for the next half hour to step her through finding the latch under the bonnet to release the hood without losing their minds, it’d be the only way. And then, guaranteed she’ll look at the engine and say something along the lines of “I think it’s all there”.

God bless her cotton socks .. She’s got great creative skills, so I guess one counteracts the other.

And then there’s me. I only recently discovered that the little arrow next to my fuel tank light indicated which side of the car the tank was on. Huh ! I have a jet-ski, boat, car and motorbike license, been driving for well over 30 years, riding for over 15 years and only just found this out.

My mum is blessed though, whether she wants a scented candle made, an external window awning erected, her vacuum cleaner repaired or her toilet changed, she has the full kit and caboodle at her disposal.

Back to the original statement. Check the engine. What the hell does that even mean?

I need specifics. Check that it’s there ?, that it’s not rusted through ? That a possum hasn’t crawled in under the hood and made a nest? What am I checking the engine for?

Isn’t that the job for the mechanic when the car goes in for servicing ? Aren’t they there to check the engine, check the oil levels, oil filter, fluid and coolant levels, lights, spark plugs, brakes steering etc.

Please don’t put me under that kind of pressure. I can only manage to safely pump my tires in accordance with the recommended PSI pressure ranges. It was 43PSI right?! Just kidding !!


“The more I learn about relationships, the more I love cars”

 Stay Safe

CK xx

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